Shopping is always fun when you visit different markets and malls not only to shop, but to enjoy and have fun experiencing a new collection of stuff.

Kolkata – the city of joy, is also famous for the cheap stuff available owing to its proximity to all the major ports around the globe. Here are some of the places to go window shopping:

1. Gariahat Market:


Image Source: The Telegraph India

This is a perfect destination for window shopping in Kolkata. It is a huge market spread along a long stretch of road with shops on either side of it selling thousands of variety of clothes, jewelry, and electronic items. There are a lot and lots of interesting and breathtaking items all over the markets hanging out of the stores, or the glittery lights will attract you to take a glance at the items. In Gariahat market you will get a bunch of restaurants and food stalls so one can sneak in and grab a quick bite between shopping sprees.

2. Burrabazar Market:


Image Source: Trip Savvy

This is one of the oldest wholesale markets in Kolkata, located near the M. G. Road metro. This market is divided into four major parts: Tulapatti, Fancypatti, Dhotipatti, and Chinipatti. This Market is so big that everything that is plausible can be found in this bustling stretch of the city. . This market is crowded every time you visit, it is the busiest market and here you will get things at a cheaper rate. This is a wholesale market so the people come from far away to buy a large number of items at reasonable rates, you can get different varieties of food items to eat whenever you feel hungry.

3. College Street:


Image Source: Times Of India

The largest book market in India, College Street is a fantastic place to be visited, here you will literally get all the different varieties of books and notebooks at a reasonable price. It is a literal haven for bibliophiles, College Streets has books spilling from the pavements as far as your sight goes. College Street is also famous in the world for its largest second-hand book sales. Here you will get an incredibly old coffee house by the name Indian Coffee House it is the oldest since British rule. Here you will get all the famous and old Bengali book publishing houses like Dey's Publications, Ananda Publications, and much more.

4. New Market:


Image Source: AAI

If you are planning to go for a window-shopping then New Market is the best place for you to shop. This is one of the oldest shopping places in Kolkata, dating back to the British era. This market is located near the Esplanade bus stand, including the enclosed Hogg Market and the surrounding area. The best part about this shopping market is its diverse collection, ranging from fashionable clothes to household items. Now the wait is over you will get everything in the new Market, which you were searching for, for a long time. In this market, you will be greeted by street vendors selling artificial jewelry, footwear, bags, toys, etc. make sure to wear your bargaining skills on your sleeve, though this skill will help you to buy things at cheaper rates. You can get loads of food items and restaurants to fill your empty stomach. New Market offers everything that is there to ask.

5. Park Street:


Image Source: The Statesman

Park Street has its fair share of roadside stalls offering a wide range of products, from books to hookahs. Park Street is home to a large number of boutiques, branded showrooms, and restaurants. You will get many coffee shops to sit and chat with friends and family. In Park Street, you can get the impressive collection of elegant handloom sarees, Brides-to-be should also check out the unique Benarasi sarees. F-Block is another popular store that attracts children and adults alike. You will find all your required clothes and different varieties of items easily. Whether you’re an anime lover or a Marvel worshipper, F-Block will enchant you with its unique products.

If you’re planning to visit Kolkata, make sure you include these markets in your window shopping. What are your favorite places for shopping in Kolkata? Share your views in the comments section below. Till then, as always #StayDarooon.