If you have made up your mind and have already planned to study abroad, then it is important to make sure that you are fully prepared for it, so that on your arrival you know what to expect and you can enjoy both studying and living in a foreign country.

Here are some of the basic things which can be considered while planning to study abroad are:

1. Make sure all the paperwork is in order:


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A basic step before moving to a different country is to surf the internet for information and resources. Then get your passport as early as possible and apply for Visa. If you already have a passport then double-check and go through all the expiry dates and validation. It will help you if you know someone who has studied at the place where you are going that's the best way to extract a variety of information. You can contact university personnel for information regarding your stay and study patterns before joining and make sure it will last you well beyond your semester abroad.

2. Bag packing:


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It is another helpful and most important point when going to study abroad is to know what to carry with you, ensure carrying all the relevant documents and visas allow you to study in the country you have chosen. Do not forget to carry your laptop and mobile charger. Take all prescriptions and drugs for the length of your stay. Always carry a travel book for the country you are visiting, Carry warm outfits as winter in some countries is totally different from what we experience in India so pack lots of warm and waterproof outfits and some more outfits for the special occasion.

3. The Trip to your place of Study:


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Now it’s time to book a flight and get on your way to abroad! As the world has a lot more advanced techniques so you can book your flight online which will be cheaper than an offline option. Just make sure to choose the right arrival airport. You can also use your international identity card so you will get cheap traveling charges. You can shop across various shopping centers where you can get a lot more offers and discounts by using your international student identity card. For traveling, you may use transport like buses, trams, and trains it will be the best way to reduce your traveling expenses daily. You can also hire a taxi but it will be quite expensive comparatively.

4. Bank Account:

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It’s absolutely essential to have a bank account when you are going to study abroad though it is necessary to get a bank account in the country you are studying. This will allow you to pay the bills and keep your money safe. For this, you will require a passport, proof of residence and proof that you are a student. You should have information about the currency exchange rate and carry enough money with you until you find an ATM or open a bank account. You can carry international debit cards with you, which you can use anywhere in the world and these cards are easily available at any nationalised bank in India.
5. Health Check-ups and Vaccinations:

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It is essential to get all necessary health checkups and vaccinations before going abroad. You can visit a travel clinic and get the required medicines and vaccines to stay healthy overseas. Make an appointment with the travel healthcare specialist more moth before you leave for abroad and they can help you get destination-specific vaccines, medicines, and information. Discussing health concerns as well as your itinerary and planned activities with your provider allows them to give more specific advice and recommendations which will be helpful for you to stay safe and healthy. Contact your health insurance company to let them know where and when you’ll be traveling and request your prescriptions in advance.

So, here we are ending this Blog! Hope it will help you out if you are planning to study abroad. Do let us know your views on studying internationally and share your thoughts in the comment section below have a Good day and as always #StayDarooon