Hey! As we all know winter is right around the corner and you must have started to count the days until the first snowfall and are looking for some new clothes to add to your wardrobe when the time comes.

As we are moving towards the end of 2022, we will notice there is a lot of focus on winter clothes to keep them simple and smart, and investing in clothes that are classic and sustainable goes a long way.

Here are some of the key trends for this Winter Season:

1. Tailored Fits:


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This year there is a huge emphasis on this stylish and attractive trend. You can wear these well-fitted garments as office wear, evening wear and party wear a well-fitted garment never goes out of fashion moreover this style statement just cannot be missed.

These stylish and smart garments are very comfortable, elegant, and classic, and are a must-invest in them. If you have not tried these tight fitting tailored fits you must check them out and experiment on yourself it will definitely give you a different feeling this winter season. The tailored three-piece suits and skirt suits are a strong trend for autumn-winter 2022.

2. Knitted Clothes:


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When it comes to fashion, do not stick to the sweaters only when there are lots of new knitted clothes available in the store like skirts, dresses, coats, T-Shirts, and many more for a cozy look that will keep you warm without adding too many layers.

These knitted clothes are a great way to add a bit of texture to a simpler styling. You can go for a classic look with a knit vest by pairing it with pants and a white shirt. If you are opting for a simple style, you can Pair your knit sweater with jeans, and if you want to add some glam to your look, layer with a coat and pair it with boots.

3. Oversized safari jackets:

Winter Wears

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These oversized jackets have become a style statement that just cannot be missed out. This winter season try out these oversized jackets casually suitable for outdoor, daily, sports, travel, and photography.

These jackets can be easily folded and put into a bag, so it is convenient for carrying when traveling. Safari jackets are suitable for spring autumn and winter. These safari oversized jackets have zipper pockets and are high-quality wind breakers that can be worn both by men and women. This season these oversized, multi-pocketed safari jackets have walked billowingly down the premier runways of Paris and Milan.

So this winter season whichever type of safari jacket you go for, however, the key is to ensure that you opt for something with roomy bellows pockets for optimum storage. Try out it by pairing it with any pants and sneakers for the complete dashing look.

4. Architectural Sweaters:

Winter Fashion

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Fashion loves sweaters vest and it has become a fashion trend in this winter season. You can try out the architectural sweaters to look more stylish than a plain old sweater.

Architectural sweaters such as V-neck sweaters are really recognizable and they will give a smarter look when pairing it with chinos, black trousers, and mules. These architectural sweaters are wearable anywhere you go. These are comfy and stylish, and give you warmth during cold chilled weather.

These architectural sweaters are versatile pieces of clothing that can be dressed up or down, turned into a sharp outfit with layering, or kept simple with jeans and boots. These sweaters are a favorite of camping enthusiasts and office workers alike.

Whether you’re wearing a button-down and tie or a silk base layer, these sweaters especially the zip-styled sweaters allow for maximum ventilation while keeping a crisp and classy look.

5. Oversize Quilted Puffed Vest:

Mens Journal

Image Source: Mens Journal

This winter season you should definitely try out this super-soft textured vest and it is perfect to add to your winter wardrobe. You can try layering your quilted vest over a cotton pullover or sweatshirt for a simple and classy look. These quilted vests are extra comfy, casual combination that's perfect for spring and fall weather.

You can always throw on a jacket for extra warmth. For a rugged, layered look, you can also try wearing your vest as an outermost layer over a classic hoodie in light grey. These Puffer coats and slim-fitting bottoms are a match made in heaven for women.

You can coordinate your puffer vest with the outfit you're wearing underneath. Whether vibrant or neutral, don't worry about making it the perfect match. These oversized quilted vest can be worn both by men and women anywhere you visit with great looks and style.

So here we are ending this blog! We hope these outfit ideas gave you some inspiration to wear this winter 2022. You can share and comment below your thoughts on this till then #StayDarooon