Finally, those days are gone when people just used to prefer English or Hindi web series, but now the Bengali entertainment industry has produced some of the finest web series that have not just won the hearts of Bengalis but also of people from across the country.

The outstanding and exceptional stories, eye-catching visuals, stupendous acting, and world-class direction have won everyone’s hearts.

Here are some of the top 5 Bengali web series that are must-watch. Check out:

1. The Stoneman Murders:

The Stoneman Murders
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This story is basically inspired by true events. The Stoneman Murders involves an unidentified man, a serial killer who kills poor people with a stone in the cities of Kolkata and Mumbai. The Story starts with a train journey of journalist Sneha who finds the Stoneman's diary which makes her curious to find out all the details about Stoneman.

At last, Sneha then strives to unfold this mystery and find the man with the help of his diary. This story is full-on entertainment Directed by Rafiq Abdul Wahab, the series has Swastika Mukherjee and Rajatava Dutta in lead roles.

The entire series is so exciting that it is sure to make you seated till the end. This story will definitely be a breathtaking and gripping series to watch.

2. Eken Babu:

Eken Babu - Bengali Web Series

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This is a comedy-detective series in which Eken Babu plays a role of a police detective who looks like a common Bengali man. This series is one of the high-rated Bengali web series and people are loving this web series so much.

This story is written by Sujan Dasgupta with Anirban Chatterjee in the lead role, the series went on to gain huge traction when its first season was released in 2018. In this story, we can see that Eken Babu, Chatterjee who is playing the lead role of the detective, is a man with a sweet smile, a bald head, and a round face.

Although he is a government employee, he likes to solve cases in his own style, unlike a typical investigator who earns little income by solving cases. The story takes turn when there is a mysterious death at Burmans in the historical house of Alibordi Khan.

This story is full of suspense, comedy, and fun to watch Eken Babus acting that he will be able to solve this mystery.

3. Byomkesh:


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If you are a thriller lover then Byomkesh Bakshi is best for you that will keep you glued to your screens. It is one of the most popular Bengali web series of all time. Directed by Sayantan Ghosal, Soumik Haldar and Soumik Chattopadhaya,

This series records as the adventures of the detective played by Anirban Bhattacharya with friend and biographer Ajit played by Subrat Dutta and Ridhima Ghosh are the key roles in this series, Set in 1930s Calcutta, the mysteries that the sleuth encounter in his cases and the way he uses his wit to figure them out are a treat to watch.

Ever since the launch of its first season in 2017, it became the most watched Bengali series. Apart from the thrills the cases provide, the series has a layer of drama, love, friendship and, complex human emotions.

4. Shobdo Jobdo:

Shobdo Jobdo

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A twist in the tale and a gripping thriller Bengali web series should give you an edge of the seat experience., Directed by Saurav Chakraborty who previously directed two series for hoichi, Dhanbad Blues and Cartoon.

This story features Sougata Sinha, US-based fiction writer of several bestsellers who returns to Kolkata for the promotional drive of his next novel. After a few days, he notices that he’s haunted by a girl Sulagna, his supposed ex-girlfriend who had committed suicide many years ago. To get over the uneasiness caused by the mystery woman's revelations and subsequent blackmailing.

Sougata decides to head on a trip. However, the atmosphere turns murkier around the resort he lives. A series of scandalous truths are set to be revealed. This thriller story is fun to watch with lots of surprises and suspense.

5. Kamini:


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It is the first horror with a comedy web series in Hoichoi. Starring Barkha Bisht in her first Bengali web series, Kamini, and in this series Barkha is playing a lead role of Kamini, a mysterious woman. Samya and Arnab, who run a small private detective agency, reach Kamini’s village to decipher her mystery.

This series has a lot of suspense-comedy drama that will keep you seated till the very end. With the help of a local girl named Bijli, the two try to expose Kamini’s hidden truth and reveal the dark past. Later, Samya’s girlfriend, Sreemoyee too arrives at the village to help them. The series is both scary and funny at the same time.

This much for today’s blog, hope you liked this set of best Web Series, you can share your favorite web series, and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below. Till then #StayDarooon.