Kolkata- is also known as Calcutta. As many people think they know a lot about the city but with every mile you cover, you will discover something new. The City of Joy has wonders hidden beyond common.

Kolkata is the city that never gets tired and dreams of more joy and happiness. From the Nawabi Mughals to the tech-savvy Google, Kolkata never grew old.

With a long history and a mix of cultural influences, Kolkata is a fascinating city with a lot to offer visitors.

Here are some of the amazing facts about Kolkata that everyone should know:

1. The Oldest Zoo in The Country:

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Image Source: Oldest.org

The Alipore Zoo is literally something to be proud of because it is the oldest zoo in the country entertaining its visitors since 1875. In this oldest zoo, visitors can see from the Royal Bengal Tiger to the greatest species of animals.

You will be entertained to watch these animals in front of your eyes Alipore Zoo is also the main reason for a large number of tourist attractions every year in Kolkata. Alipore zoo also hosts various educational and awareness events throughout the year. The Zoological Garden, Alipore has been a major tourist attraction for centuries. It’s India's oldest zoological park.

2. Birla Planetarium:

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

It is the second largest planetarium in Asia. It was constructed in the year 1963 and was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru himself. Well, as we know that Kolkata has always promoted science and technology and the city has seen some of the most renowned scientists coming out of Kolkata.

Birla Planetarium is located in the Maidan area of Kolkata. This is a family place where all can enjoy the astronomical shows that are presented here in three languages namely, Bengali, Hindi, and English. There is a charge for watching shows here. One can get down at Maidan metro station or can use public transport to reach this place.

3. Largest Banyan Tree in the World:

Kolkata banyan tree

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kolkata is home to the oldest and widest banyan tree in the world. It is located in Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden in Shibpur, Howrah, the botanical garden is a fine place to spend some quiet time amidst the natural splendour.

This oldest Banyan tree dates back even before 1800, and in the year 1989 it had features in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest tree specimen in the world. This tree covers around 14,500 square meters and scientists say it’s around 1,200 years old.

This great tree has survived many cyclones but unfortunately in 2020, a drastic cyclone damaged the tree’s peripheral stem and branches. In order to let the rest of the tree survive, botanists had to cut the 51 ft. main trunk.

4. The oldest Tram Network in Asia:

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Image Source: Telegraph India

It’s interesting to know that Kolkata’s electric tram network is Asia’s oldest running tram and it started operating in 1902. However, even before the first electric tram, there were horse-drawn trams.

The first horse-drawn tram operated between Sealdah and Armenian Ghat Street in 1873. With the new generation’s demand and full comfort, now, the bygone trams have been revamped and presented with their AC version which makes it further enjoyable and comfortable for the passengers.

It's not just the trams but Kolkata is the only city in the world where you can ride on hand-pulled rickshaws, running on the city streets since the British times.

5. The Howrah Bridge:

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Image Source: Holidify

The Howrah Bridge is the best architectural marvels in Kolkata that doesn’t have a single nut or bolt. The Howrah Bridge is a balanced cantilever bridge that spans the Hooghly River. It was built by riveting the whole structure in 1943.

However, in 1965, it was renamed Rabindra Setu after the renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore. With a span of 1,500 ft. (457.2 m), it is the sixth-longest cantilever truss bridge in the world. The bridge carries both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Roughly 100,000 cars and more than150, 000 pedestrians cross the bridge daily, making it the busiest cantilever bridge in the world

So, here we end this Blog! Let us know through your comment, which fact was fascinating, and do let us know your thoughts on this. Till then #StayDarooon.