Are you staying in Kolkata and looking for the all-time delicious street food? Then you will surely get numerous street food from mind-blowing sweets to tasty chaats that will definitely delight you in the city of joy!

Here are some of the best street food items of Kolkata one must try while exploring the streets of the city:

1. Puchka:


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Puchkas are definitely the best of Kolkata street food, they belong to the golgappa family, but the typical flavour of Kolkata is what makes them different from Gol Gappa or Pani puri, It is spicy, tangy and absolutely mouth-watering. Puchkas are basically stuffed with mashed potatoes, sprinkled with the common spices, and filled with tamarind chutney, pickled water, pudina, and lime you will also get curd water which is optional. You might be able to spot a Tollywood celebrity or two lined up for these tangy mouthfuls of heaven. You can also visit Maharaja Chaat Centre or Southern Avenue for it. Bhawanipore is another must-visit place for good, nay, GREAT phuchkas, and street food.

2. Kathi Rolls:


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We cannot miss mentioning the very famous and delicious Kathi rolls,Kathi rolls were invented in Kolkata and are worldwide famous for making the best Kathi rolls. It is a flaky flour paratha rolled up with your chosen stuffing like Egg, mutton, chicken, or paneer laced with irresistible sauces, spices, and veggies. People from around the world prefer visiting Kolkata for trying these delicious and tasty Kathi rolls. These Kathi rolls are the stuffing wrapped in thin roti that is now found in every city. If you ever visit Kolkata, try Nizam's and Badshah in New Market and Kusum's and Hot Kathi Roll in Park Street!

3. Shingara:


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You can also call it Samosa, this street food needs no introduction as it is famous all around the world. It is actually a triangular fried snack with potato stuffing with masalas that you crave to eat with hot masala chai in the evening, it is not limited to aloo stuffing; you will get mutton, chicken, and lamb as well. Shingara or samosa tastes best when served with hot tea.

4. Jhaal Muri:


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Jhaal muri can easily be found at every local corner of the city and thus you can satisfy your craving at any time you want. It is easy to make and could be your best companion for munching, the local people of Kolkata love it whenever they look for an evening snack. Jhaal muri is a well-tossed mixture of puffed rice, peanuts, and different varieties of namkeens, onions, chillies, spices, tomatoes, and coriander. It is also a healthy and easiest option for a snack as it is oil-free and does not require much cooking. So start thinking about jhaal muri whenever you are hungry!

5. Ghugni Chaat:


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It is loved by most of the local residents and tourists who visit the place, though it is one of the popular street foods in Kolkata. Ghugni Chaat has got all the right reasons to be one of the popular names on the list of street food, as it is made with all the healthy ingredients, one plate of this dish is sufficient enough to keep you going for the entire day. It is made by mixing white and yellow peas with ingredients like onions, tomatoes, coriander, chillies and spices. It can be tried any time in the day. Local people prefer ghugni muri during their office time, as it is tasty healthy and is not that expensive.

Here we end this blog. Hope you like it! Do make sure that you try all of these when in Kolkata. Comment and share more other foods that we missed out on in your experience. We will be more than happy to hear from you, till then #StayDarooon.