Trekking is one of the most common adventure trips and getaways. Well if you are planning for a delightful way of trekking to explore nature with friends and family, or even by yourself. Whether you want to go deep into the mountains or stay closer to home, the places to go are numerous.


If you have planned to embark on a trip, here are the 10 essential items that should be a part of your trekking bag:-

Comfortable & Necessary Clothes:


Pack only such clothing that you are necessary, don’t carry those which are out of trend and make sure that you are comfortable in it. Therefore, these clothes must be carried in your trekking are:

    - Trekking pants and t-shirts
    - Fleece tees and jacket
    - Windproof and waterproof, padded jacket 
    - Poncho
    - Thermal Inners


    Trekking shoes:


    Investing in good quality shoes will be worth as you should carry waterproof trekking shoes which have a good grip as you may travel in your sports shoes till the base camp but once you start your trek, you must change into your trekking shoes. 


      Backpack with Rain cover:

      when you buy your backpack, its straps and some side pockets should be checked carefully as it has a supporting frame fitted into it. This will help you to organize your things easily and quickly.


        Water bottles and snacks:


        One of the most important things are both  Water bottle and snacks as water will sustain in the harsh conditions too as you may also carry Thermos along with water bottles to carry hot water. On the other hand Light snacks that may not need fire or water to cook is something you should definitely pack in your backpack. If you are carrying your stove, pack ready to cook snacks.


          Head Torch:

          One of the most essential part of your good trekking is your head torch as it is easy and quick tool which saves your time and makes your trek full of adventure without any discomfort. 


            Walking Pole:


            The walking poles are designed to give extra confidence stability and helps in trekking usually on difficult mountain trails. These walking poles help to relieve stress on the joints especially when going uphill or downhill.


              Personal Medical Kit:


              Medical kit or first aid kit are essential for the hiker. This helps to treat and minimize the risk of injury, burns, scrapes, cuts and infection. 


                Footwear and Feet Protection:


                Almost every hiker gets a blister and sore feet at some point so invest in good quality in perfectly fitting socks with perfect fitting shoes which meant you will never have a foot problems. 




                  It is essential to carry your woollen caps, sun caps, woollen bandanas to cover your face and neck and dark sunglasses that covers your eyes properly.




                    During your trekking always carry moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm, face wash, lightweight towel & napkins, toilet paper and hand sanitiser which are very helpful for your trekking days.


                      So that was all from this blog, if we missed out something that you might remember please do let us know in the comment section. Until then #StayDarooon.