The last few months has a drastic impact on the country as we can witness an exponential growth in the prices of everything around us seems to be getting expensive by the whether it is education, automobiles, real estate, or even simple household items therefore everyone needs extra income to live a comfortable life.

Here are some of the ways to make extra income:

1. Online counselling:


Image Source: Life Supports Counselling

If you are a qualified counsellor or if you have ever experienced counselling earlier then it is perfect for you to earn money through this. As many people have started preferring online counselling which is comfortable, convenient, and in most cases affordable. Counselling, however, requires you to be an extremely empathetic person and a good listener. You have to listen to and deal with the people who are suffering from various mental health issues including anxiety and depression. Even you must counsel those with other issues like family, marriage or career-related issues.

2. Start a YouTube channel:


Image Source: Medium

If you are passionate about entertaining or educating others, you could consider starting a YouTube channel, as YouTube has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. You have to know how to present your topic properly in the form of a video. Once you start a channel and build an audience for yourself, you can monetize it, just like blogging, you can post any video by deciding and proper planning about the content which your audience like the most. YouTubers usually earn through ads that run on their videos. You can make money through brand integrations and you can also create your merchandise and sell to your audience through your videos. YouTube is a platform that also gives you an identity and an opportunity to get interacted with people all over the country.

3. Freelancing:


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It is one of the most popular ways of making extra money from your home. It is a self-employed work in which a freelancer offers his or her services to their respective clients for a short period of time and gets paid for their work. As a freelancer, you have lots of scopes if you are good at writing articles, designing websites, digital marketing, or graphic designing, you can find a lot of paid work online. You can pick and choose your own projects and clients. You can work at your own pace. As a freelancer, you must have to be patient and have a primary skill and build a strong profile around that skill. It might take a while before you can find clients, but patience and willingness to improve yourself will take you a long way.

4. Buy and sell Domain:


Image Source: Natro

Due to Covid -19, many companies are starting their business through an online platform for this they need a good domain name. Though buying and selling domains are one of the wonderful ways to make money or to do business from the comfort of your house with very little effort, as it is simple as it sounds. For this, you need to go to the buy and sell domain website, purchase popular domain names for a particular amount and sell them to those in need for a good profit. Make sure that you buy domain names from popular and trusted websites and make sure that the domain you buy is good from an SEO perspective.

5. Create and sell your own courses:

Image Source: TalentLMS

As we can see, Creating and selling online courses is a booming market internationally. Most people prefer online courses for learning or teaching, as they are more fun and engaging than the old techniques when the books were the only sources of passing on information or learning new this. If you are an expert in this particular field then you can make money by creating your own courses and selling them online on websites. If anyone is interested to buy or subscribe to your channel you will be making money through this. This could create a profitable source of income over time.

This much for today’s Blog! We hope that you have got the different ways to make extra money, if you have any other ways you can share with us till then #StayDarooon.