There are so much of travel myths that may confuse you to figure out what’s true or not. Whether it’s the first time you are going for traveling or you have many trips under your belt, knowing the difference between fact and fiction can help you make better decisions when you’re on the road.

Here are some of the myths that are going to be exposed:

1. Travelling is expensive and I can’t afford it:


Image Source: Where Food Takes Us

Myth: Traveling is very expensive as the tickets for flights, accommodations, dining, and excursions are not in the budget. It's not possible to travel affordably and comfortably while still enjoying myself.

Reality: It’s totally your choice to select the traveling destination as there are lots of options and many other categories to travel according to your budget. Some destinations like the Maldives and some modes of transport like business class fights are pricier than other options. However, you can still book an affordable vacation on a budget. There are a lot more options to save on travel, including booking flights when airlines are having sales and booking lodging when hotels are offering promotions. If affordability is your goal, refrain from traveling during peak times, like summer and holidays. You don’t need to spend money on expensive excursions as many cities provide offers like a free walking tour. You can take a bike for rent and explore the city, this approach can be much cheaper than joining an organized bike tour. You can also save your money for dining by picking up some kinds of stuff from the supermarket for breakfast basics that will definitely help you save you’re dining out for bigger meals, like lunch or dinner.

2. Solo travel is dangerous for women:


Image Source: USA Today

Myth: Traveling alone, particularly if I am a female, is very risky and dangerous

Reality: Solo travel is not dangerous, and common sense can go a long way. Therefore Safety can mean different things to different people. Many people consider countries with low crime rates to be safe and many people think that walking down on streets is unsafe. Consider how you feel about the cultural norms in the country you’re planning to visit, and make sure you know which areas to avoid in the cities you are about to visit, and the same applies to cities you may visit abroad. Therefore crime can happen anywhere, so do your best not to get an easy target whenever you visit for a tour.

3. Hostels are dirty and unsafe for young ones:


Image Source: WIRED

Myth: Hostels are unsafe and unsanitary. Your stuff will be stolen if you sleep in a hostel that is a shared room, you can’t sleep properly because the beds are cheap and the nonstop night parties will be held and it is risky to live there.

Reality: You can get hostels according to your budget just like hotels. You will get well-furnished and modern décor, comfortable beds, and a good environment. If you’re looking for privacy, you can also find private rooms at some hostels. Check out the hotel or hostel reviews before booking a room. You’ll likely be able to filter out all the properties that received bad reviews for one reason or another. Read reviews carefully to find out what people are saying, or call the hostel to ask about the vibe. These accommodations can double as a great way to meet other travelers while also saving you money on your trip.

4. Budget Travel is only possible if you are Young and Single:


Image Source: The Todays Show

Myth: Many people believe that traveling alone or single is more enjoyable and is within the budget.

Reality: Age does not matter, as there are many families, especially the seniors, backpacking around the world and staying in the hostels or diving and having lots of fun with their family and friends. You don’t need to be limited by age or your relationship status. There are many articles that prove both families and seniors can travel on a budget. It is true that many people who are older want more luxury than a budget backpacker and family travel requires more planning than solo travel. But travel is not solely the purview of the young. Everyone should enjoy life fully with their families and friends where age doesn’t matter at all.

5. Travel Credit Cards Will Ruin Your Credit Score:


Image Source: Business Insider

Myth: Many people think that they will lose the point on their credit cards while traveling and their travel credit card will ruin the point or scores which you have been collecting.

Reality: Just space out the applications if you’re applying for multiple cards and you won’t see a sustained negative impact on your credit score, therefore you can travel whenever you want as we know that the Travel hacking is the art of using travel credit cards to collect points and miles that can be then turned into free travel, all by using regular spending. No extra purchases. No jumping through loopholes. Just earn free travel by putting your date nights, groceries, gas, and other regular expenses on a travel card. While applying for credit cards, will cause a temporary dip in your credit score, that dip gets corrected within two months if you keep paying off your bills.

So that’s all for today’s blog, hope you guys got the answers to the travel myths. If we missed out on something, then do share your thoughts with us till then #StayDarooon