YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world where anyone can create videos and share them on their YouTube channels. Few people get noticed through their constant videos with trending and interesting content which attracts their viewers as a result the YouTubers enjoy a massive fan following and lots of money.

In recent years the popularity of YouTube has increased in India. With this, the fan following of some Indian YouTubers has increased, enabling them to earn massive amounts.

Here are some of the Indian YouTubers who are on our list:

1. Ashish Chanchlani:

Ashish Chanchlani

Image Source: IWMBuzz

Ashish Chanchlani who is also known as Ashu, is one of the most loved Indian YouTubers, has 27 million subscribers, and a channel named Ashish Chanchlani Vines. Fans or viewers are mad at his videos, especially the comedy videos.

Earlier he used to do movie reviews but later started making vines. He joined YouTube on 2009 but posted his first video in 2014 and gained massive success and popularity by showing his talent. Ashish Chanchalani's net worth is estimated to be USD 4 million or roughly Rs 29 crores.

He also has 6.7 million followers on Instagram, he did many TV shows and web series and In February 2020 he released his first short film, 'Aakhri Safar' on YouTube, Which was a massive hit.

2. Bhuvan Bam:

Bhuvan Bam

Image Source: Koimoi

Bhuvan Bam is another most loved YouTuber in India. The viewers love watching his comedy videos on his YouTube channel named ‘BB ki Vines’, with 25 million subscribers. He is not just a comedian but a writer, songwriter, and a good singer.

He plays multiple characters in his videos his series Dhindhora, in which he played different character roles by himself which became a massive hit. Bhuvan Bams’ net worth in 2022 is estimated to be 3 million which is 25 crores.

3. Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati):


Image Source: CAknowledge

Ajey Nagar is popularly known as CarryMinati, he has over 35 million subscribers and total assets of $3.5 million (26 crores Approx.). He is famous for his roasting videos and diss tracks on his YouTube channel. His first YouTube channel was “STeaLThFeArzZ”, which was created in December 2010.

That channel included videos related to gameplay videos, football tricks, Tech tutorials, etc. However, it went in vain and wasn’t successful. Then he started another channel which he named “Carrydeol” to begin with but later renamed “CarryMinati”. As of March 2022, Carry Minati is the Top YouTuber in India and he is growing to reach the zenith of success.

4. Gaurav Chaudhary:

Technical Guruji

Image Source: Forbes India

Gaurav Chaudhary is also known as Technical Guruji. He is a 30 years old YouTuber who is based in the UAE. He started his YouTube channel journey as Technical Guruji in the year 2015. Where he uploaded videos about technology, smartphones, reviews, unboxing, etc. in the Hindi language. Later in 2017, he started his second channel named Gaurav Chaudhary Official which now has 5 Million+ subscribers. Technical Guruji or Gaurav Chaudhary has also featured in Forbes India’s 30 under the list.

He has not one but two YouTube channels - Technical Guruji which has 21.6 million subscribers and Gaurav Chaudhary which has 4.99 million subscribers respectively. Gaurav Chaudhary has a net worth of USD 45 million.

5. Amit Bhadana:

Amit Bhadana

Image Source: IWMBuzz

A famous YouTuber, Amit bandana began his YouTube channel on October 24, 2012, but started posting full videos from 2017. He also has millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Amit Bhadana completed his Law from Delhi. Initially, he made a video with one of his college friends and uploaded it on Dubmash. Within a few days, his video had gone viral.

He then started exploring this field, uploading more and more videos, and finally came up with his own YouTube Channel named 'Amit Bhadana'.
His first YouTube video was titled Exam Be Like Board Preparation Be Like. According to Hindustan newspaper, He has 23.5 million subscribers as of now and he earns around Rs 10 lakh from one video and his total financial standing is about Rs 52 crore.

So here we are ending this Blog! If you are a true fan of your favorite YouTuber, share it with your friends, Let us know who is your favorite YouTuber in India, in the comments section. Till then #StayDarooon.