India and other countries around the world have faced immense financial loss the last few years due to Covid-19 but now the situation around the world is improving very fast. According to the international monetary fund (IMF), India’s economy is growing very fast and this growth rate of India can reach 8.5 percent very soon.

India became one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and now stands in a significant position.

Here are some of the Indian Cities based on their GDP:

1. Mumbai:


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Mumbai is on the top list with an estimated GDP of $310 Billion. Mumbai is called the Financial Capital of India. India’s economic powerhouse, Mumbai not only contributes the highest GDP of $209 billion but is also responsible for 25% of industrial output, 70% of maritime trade in India, and 70% of capital transactions to the nation’s economy.

Mumbai is also known as the Industrial Hub of India. It operates sectors from textiles to petrochemicals and serves as the headquarters for many companies. Maximum City is among the richest cities in India and the world as well but Mumbai is on top of the list.

Mumbai occupies financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, Bombay Stock Exchange, and National Stock Exchange of India. The city houses around 14 million people from various backgrounds. This metropolitan city has beautiful colonial architecture, double-decker buses, and a suburban rail system that carries about 2.2 billion passengers every year.

2. Delhi:


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The National capital of India is considered one of the biggest commercial centers in South Asia. Delhi contributes the second highest GDP of $167 billion. With a large consumer market, the city has been successful in attracting foreign direct investments.

Delhi’s transport system includes buses, auto, rickshaws, and metro rail. Delhi is also the fastest-growing retail industry.

The city’s economy consists of integral sectors like construction, power, telecommunications, health and community services, and real estate. Delhi has a population of 16.3 million as of 2011. This metropolitan city has a large expatriate population in the country.

3. Kolkata:


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The City of Joy is the third richest city in South Asia after Mumbai and Delhi. The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata contributes a GDP of about $150 billion after the highest from Mumbai and Delhi. Kolkata is a house of many Indian corporations like steel, mining, cement, pharmaceuticals, food processing, agriculture, textiles, and jute are the major sectors responsible for economic growth.

Kolkata is one of the important financial hubs of East and North-East India and houses the Calcutta Stock Exchange. Kolkata has around 4.5 million residents and attracts many tourists for its stunning architecture. Kolkata is the only city in eastern India to have an international airport. Cycle rickshaws and metro rail has played an important role in the city’s transport system.

4. Bengaluru:


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It is the capital city of Karnataka and is also known as the Silicon Valley of India It contributes more than 35 percent of India’s IT exports. The city also houses some major manufacturing industries like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bharat Electronics Limited, and Bharat Earth Movers Limited among others. Infosys and Wipro have their headquarters in Bengaluru. It is the fourth richest city in India with an estimated GDP of $110 billion. Bengaluru is home to 8 billionaires.

5. Chennai:


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Chennai is the fifth richest city in the country with an estimated GDP of $78.6 billion. Chennai is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, as well as the 5th largest city. Chennai is the major contributor to India's IT sector.

Chennai’s automobile industry is making an important contribution to the economy here, due to these reasons Chennai is also known as the “Detroit of South Asia”. Chennai’s economy is driven by the IT and BPO sectors, medical tourism, and equipment production. Its beaches, temples, and lakes have been major tourist attractions. Chennai is the sixth-largest city in India by population and the fourth largest metro city in India by the Chennai Metropolitan Area population.

So here we are ending this blog! We hope you got some ideas about the Indian cities based on their GDP. Do share your thoughts with us and let us know if we missed out on something till then #StayDarooon.