Esports have taken place in everyone’s life nowadays, especially the youngsters. As it is a well-organized, multiplayer VIDEO GAME competition that rolls out between players who are professionals.

With the increasing fan following of Esports now the companies are investing and concentrating to earn more. Esport is now entering into the medal or prize-winning tournament as it has become a traditional sport such as football and athletics. The players in the gaming sector are being coached and paid salaries.

Here are some of the Esports organizations in India that are on the Top:

1. Velocity Gaming:


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It is one of the best Esports organizations in India as its runs with the notable top place that finishes at the biggest tournaments like AMD Cup and Global Esports SEA Launch tournament. They have become a major player in the global Esport scene and from March, they have entered into the Mobile, world of Gaming. Through their games, they have gained many fans across the globe. Velocity Gaming is one of the contenders for the spot of the best valorant Team in India and perhaps even the South East Asian Region. Their most recent victory came when they finished first place at the Nodwin Conquerors Championship Qualifier which pits the best teams in South Asia. The roster consists of Amaterasu, Vibhor, Rite2Ace, Hellf, and mw1.

2. Team Brutality:

Battlegrounds Mobile India

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It is another one to be appreciable Esports as it is becoming more and more popular and one of the top teams in Asia. Team Brutality represents India and Asia both on the world stage with the same resonance that they and any other PRO teams carry. The main strength of the team is its passion-driven love for gaming which still is the foundation of this team.

It is famous for the games like, Tekken, Need For Speed, Track Mania Series, Forza Motor Sports, and various other racing game squads. Team Brutality gained recognition in 2010 and it’s trying its best to gain more audience and fans. Team Brutality is a major organization but spreading themselves too thin has pushed them further down the list they may still be good but they are far from the best Indian ESports team.

3. S8UL:


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It is one of the First and most popular Esports Indian Organizations. S8UL is an Indian team that is formed by a partnership between two major Esports organizations, Team SouL and 8bit.

S8ul also competes for Esports titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Free Fire. Their PUBG Mobile team consisting of Mortal, Viper, Regaltos, Scout, and Mavi is one of the most dominant rosters in the PUBG Mobile scene. PubG Mobile is at the top and the most favorite game played and admired by players around the world. S8OL have also won multiple tournaments internationally in the past with their Ex-Star player Owais and continue to dominate with their current Roster.

4. Total Gaming:

Total Gaming

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Total Gaming is an Indian Online Mobile Gaming platform that entered into Free Fire by signing the Mafia’s, the captain of the team is FozyAjay. The total earnings for the team are $91, 879. The net worth of the team is $49,692. Ajay, better known as Ajju Bhai is the biggest gamer of Free Fire Community, the name of his Youtube channel is Total Gaming, on which He is the most subscribed Indian gaming YouTuber.

Total gaming is better known for its versatility which is one of the reasons for its success. Beyond Free Fire, Arjun or Ajju Bhai also uploads videos related to other video games, such as Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft, among others. This keeps his fans interested the reason is his consistency and new content which brings more fans to follow.

5. Fnatic:

Esports Game

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It is the world’s leading Esports Organization. It has a location for the professional gaming team in India and in the United Kingdom. Fnatic is an Organization that is winning the legacy of 17 years and counting in over 28 different titles. The team manager is Nimish also known as Nemo Raut and the CEO of the team is Wouter Sleijffers the net worth of the team is $24,384.

Fantis initially entered India in October with PubG Mobile by signing the Xspark lineup which included players ScoutOP, Owais, Ronak, Paritosh, and InYourDream. With the passage of several tournaments, the lineup was tweaked a few times with the biggest changes being the exit of ScoutOP and Ronak.

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