Bengalis around the world are all set to celebrate Poila Boisakh soon. It is basically the first day of the New Year (or as they call it Noboborsho), as per the Bengali calendar. In this eve many Bengalis are going to plan and prepare delicious feast to share it with their loved ones.

Here are some of the wonderful and most special delicious dishes on this Noboborsho:

1. Whole Tilapia:


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Fish is the most essential part of every Bengali celebration. This whole tilapia is very easy and simple to make all the common Bengali spices are required to prepare it. It can be cooked entirely on the stovetop or in the oven. . If you are in a time crunch and need to attend to other tasks around the house, just cook the fish in the oven, else on the stovetop and do other household things. This meal is very simple and tasty. Whole tilapia is the perfect excuse to fire up your outdoor grill. This recipe is super easy and packed full of great flavor. Made in just 15 minutes!

2. Fish Cutlet:


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Fish cutlets are a very tasty starter that is made using freshwater fish. It is flavored with all the common Bengali spices like coriander powder and leaves, cumin, green chili, ginger, and salt. These deep golden brown delicacy cutlets taste extraordinary when served hot. These delicious fish cutlets are cooked very quickly and are usually pan-fried. This tasty starter completes this festival with its delicious taste. I hope you should also taste this starter in this Noboborsho.

3. Patishapta:


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This sweet dish completes the celebration of all the Bengalis. The traditional form of this sweet crepe is prepared in every Bengali house during celebration using rice flour or you can prepare it with semolina also with a coconut and jaggery or sugar stuffing made using khoya and dried fruits. Whichever way you prepare it, it is a sweeter addition to your New Year festivities. This sweet dish is served basically in utensils made of clay, which makes it a more unique and special dish for Poila Boishak.

4. Kosha Mangsho:


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Mutton Kosha or Kosha Mangsho is traditionally served with porota or pulao. This dish is loved by every Bengalis as mangsho is a part of every Bengali celebration, kosha mangsho and pulao are like a match in heaven. It is juicy tasty mutton pieces and slow-cooked in oil and hot spices. Kosha mangsho is a famous Bengali mutton curry. It is popular for its rich taste and spiciness. The sweetness of Basanti polao and the rich-spicy taste of kosha mangsho complement each other on a Bengali thali. It is a delicious and very tasty meal admired by all food lovers.

5. Fish Curry:


Image Source: Spice Eats

This delicious and authentic dish counts as a wholesome meal sure to be a part of Noboborsho celebrations. Fish is a symbol of good luck in Bengali sculpture, hence celebrations seem incomplete without this meal. For preparing fish curry all you have to do is deep fry the fish in hot oil and add them to the mustard curry. This recipe is packed with so much flavor that you can’t get enough of this. The best part of this dish is that you don’t need any fancy, expensive fish to cook, you can easily prepare this recipe from any fish you like the most. This is a simple Bengali fish recipe where both the gravy and the fish are the stars of the dish.

So that’s all for this blog I hope you guys enjoyed it reading and start preparing this Bengali New Year dishes. Please give us your reviews on your favorite Dishes. Wishing you all a happy preparation for #NoboBorsho. And as always #StayDarooon