Organizing and updating your Wardrobe is always an ongoing process, but there are certain things you can do to ensure that you never spend more than 25 minutes rearranging your clothes ever again.


Follow these 10 best and easy ideas Organizing and maintaining your wardrobe. It may take a little time, but we promise it’ll be worth it:

  • Invest in matching hangers -

A set of matching hangers not only looks alluring and pleasing but also ensures clothes sit nicely against one another, conserving precious space in your closet. 


    • Learn better Folding Techniques -


    Another trick to optimize space is learning better folding and hanging techniques and integrate them into your closet. You can use the vertical method rather than piling when organizing sweaters or shirts in a drawer.


      • Allocate Hanging Space for Long and Short Items -

      Rather than fold dresses over on themselves let them puddle on the floor, plan for an array of differently sized hanging spaces. This will help you to stays neater, and you’ll have dedicated areas for all of your different garments.


        • Add a Clothing Rack to the Corner of Your Room -

        Leave no space untouched, you can create an organizational system that puts every corner usable by adding a clothing rack not only saves closet space but can also add a stylish aesthetic to the corner of your room. 


          • Add a Dresser -

          If your closet doesn’t have built-ins, you can add any extra space under shelves or a hanging rod by placing a dresser inside so that it will be helpful for you to keep more stuffs in. You can use stainless steel hangers that is budget-friendly option for organizing your closet.


            • Colour Coordinate -

            Arranging your clothes or garments by colour order not only gives you a better starting point but can also help you to pick  your favourite  matching garments in a blink.


              •  Maximize every Inch of space -

              This is a good idea to utilize extra wall space to store smaller items that are tricky to place such as: hats, necklaces, scarves, ties, belts, office bags, small earrings and more.


                • Hang jewellery -


                If you don’t have drawer space left for jewellery items, then these hanging organizers with pockets are enough for ornaments, like earrings,  watches bracelets, necklaces and other stuffs.


                  • Use Clear Glass or Acrylic Shelves to make -


                  This is the easiest way to spot things through clear glass or acrylic shelving and drawer fronts make it easier to identify exactly what’s in each storage space especially for accessories like jewellery, Since you can quickly pick something that matches your outfit of the day.


                    • Add a second Rod -


                    If you need more hanging space then raise your top clothing rod and install a second level in the open space. You can maximize your closet capacity by adding an adjustable expander that hangs from an existing closet rod. This will provide a lot of stuffs to be placed neatly.


                      So this brings to the end of this blog, please share some more of your inputs in the comments section below that might bring value in organizing our wardrobe. Till next time #LookDarooon